Green blue red dot laser pointer powerful laser

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: 101 red light single point 5mw, 101 blue purple light single point 5mw, 101 green light single point 5mw

【Product Specifications】: φ14×155mm

: copper + aluminum

[Battery used]: 2*AAA7 dry battery

: pen shape

[Appearance color]: black

【Laser Type】: Visible laser Diode

[Specification parameters]: fixed focus, point light spot, continuous output, continuous service life> 5000 hours

[Output wavelength]: red light 650nm, blue-violet light 405nm, green light 532nm

[Output power]: 5MW

[Range Range]: 500 meters

【Spot diameter】: Minimum spot diameter ≤φ1.0mm; light spot at 15m <Φ18mm

[Circuit control]: APC circuit

【Working voltage】: DC=3.0V

【Starting voltage】: DC=2.3V

【Working current】: I<350mA

【Working temperature】:+20℃~+30℃

【Storage temperature】: +10℃~+40℃

Color: 101 red light 5mw, 101 blue purple light 5mw, 101 green light 5mw, three sets (green light red light blue purple light single point)

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Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 50 cm

Set of three


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